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coming soon march 2008

Título Original: Spirit Space - A journey into our consciousness

Duración: 84 min.

Año 2008

Ficha Artística: Don Miguel Ruiz, Edgar Mitchell, Fred Alan Wolf, Linda Backman, Skip Atwater, Linda Gabriel


Spirit Space takes us into a realm where other films have left off. We explore our human energy known as the soul and follow its path to the unknown. Discover remarkable possibilities as to why and how our consciousness works with the world around us. Listen as experts explain the possibilities of what happens to our energies before and after death.Challenging quantum physics theories and how they affect just how we perceive the world anciently and today, both religiously and scientifically.This film acts as a progressive “travel log” for human life by answering questions that mankind has been seeking since the dawn of thought. You know “The Secret” now learn the secret of your Spirit Space.

A Film Documentary for your spiritual awareness. SPIRIT SPACE continues where "What the Bleep Do We Know" and "The Secret" end. In this beautifully produced film we explore the latest developments in Life After Death, Reincarnation, The Spirit World and Quantum Physics in regards to our own consciousness . Featuring Fred Alan Wolf, Edgar Mitchell, Laurie Monroe and Don Miguel Ruiz.

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